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Our Paralegal services offer you the chance to discuss your legal problems in confidence with a licensed Ontario Paralegal. Legal matters regarding Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Board, WSIB,  Traffic Court, or if you are a Defendant in Criminal Court on Summary matters (charges for which the Criminal Code assigns a fine $5,000.00 and up to a maximum of 6 months’ incarceration).

We are tenacious in the pursuit of our client’s interests and focus on providing the best possible service in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner.

We provide services in the following languages: English, French and Hindi.

Our Paralegal services are authorized under the Law Society of Ontario.


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Practice Area

Small Claims Court 

Small Claims Court

The Ontario Small Claims Court – We are handling claims for money owed under an agreement or claims for damages of property where the amount claimed does not exceed $35,000.

Ministry of Attorney General

Landlord And Tenant

Knowing Your Landlord Rights and Tenant Rights. A landlord and tenant relationship is like any other legal arrangement. The landlord and tenant usually enter into a tenancy agreement or lease for agreed terms, the rights of the tenant and the rights of the landlord are set out, and they both hope that the tenancy is quiet and peaceful.

Of course, the reality of the landlord-tenant relationship is often quite different. “My tenant is breaking the lease” is often the landlord’s complaint. “My landlord is evicting me”, is often heard from angry tenants.

Ask us about your lease agreement, your rights as a landlord or tenant in Ontario, Landlord and Tenant law, what to expect at the tribunal and a host of other Ontario landlord and tenant questions. We are here to answer your landlord and tenant inquiries in an efficient and affordable manner.

Landlord And Tenant

Knowing Your WSIB Rights

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) promotes workplace safety and health and administers the workers’ compensation system and structure in Ontario. When an employee is injured at a workplace and is unable to return to work, the employee and employer will turn to the WSIB for assistance. A dispute arises between employer and employee regarding workplace safety issues, such as whether or not the accident occurred at the workplace, the employee is fit to return to work, the type of work the worker can resume, etc.

You don’t have to find yourself trapped about your WSIB rights, returning to work, workers compensation, modified work, employer rights, what to expect at the WSIB, etc. Discuss your confidential information with us about your WSIB issue. Ask a paralegal about your workplace accident, the safety of your workplace, your workers compensation rights, and a host of other WSIB questions.

Know About WSIB

Provincial Offences

Knowing Your Traffic Ticket and Moving Violation Rights. Everyone knows the feeling of being stopped by a police officer and handed a speeding ticket. Ultimately, many of us choose to fight these traffic tickets due to demerit points that come with a speeding ticket, the amount of the fine, or simply on principal. You may ask yourself, “How do I fight my speeding ticket in Ontario?”, “Where is the Ontario traffic court?”, “How do I fight a ticket for driving through a red light?”, “What if the radar gun wasn’t working?” “How do I fight my impaired driving charge?” “How do I reduce my demerit points on my traffic ticket?”. These are all common questions and many do not know who to turn to.

Thanks to the Ezylaw Services, you don’t have to find yourself trapped with questions and no answers about your traffic court rights, speeding ticket fines, the demerit point system, how to challenge a police officer’s evidence, how to convince a justice of the peace in court, what to do about my impaired driving charge, etc. Ask us about your speeding ticket, charter rights, demerit points, and a host of other traffic court questions. We are standing by to answer your traffic inquiries in an efficient and affordable manner.

Provincial Offences website http://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/provincial-offences/

Criminal Court Matters

Paralegals in Ontario are authorized to represent Defendants in Criminal Court on Summary matters only (charges for which the Criminal Code assigns a fine $5,000.00 and/or up to a maximum of 6 months incarceration).

PARALEGALS CAN REPRESENT YOU IN THE FOLLOWING CHARGES: Domestic Assault, Theft under $5,000.00, Fraud under $5,000.00, Robbery, Mischief and any other charges that are classified as Summary charges.

FOR SUPER-SUMMARY AND INDICTABLE CHARGES, YOU NEED TO BE REPRESENTED BY A LAWYER! Super-summary charges are those usually related to alcohol and may carry a fine of $5,000.00 and/or up to a maximum of 18 months of incarceration if you are found guilty.

Indictable charges are those for which the fine is less than $5,000.00 and the incarceration can be for more than 6 months (and which are not super-summary charges).

About Criminal Proceedings