Knowing Your Traffic Ticket and Moving Violation Rights

Everyone knows the feeling of being stopped by a police officer and handed a speeding ticket. Ultimately, many of us choose to fight these traffic tickets because of the demerit points that come with a speeding ticket, the amount of the fine, or simply on principal. To many, the process is overwhelming. “How do I fight my speeding ticket in Ontario”, “Where is the Ontario traffic court”, “How do I fight a ticket for driving through a red light”, “What if the radar gun wasn’t working”? “How do I fight my impaired driving charge”? “How do I lower my demerit points on my traffic ticket”? These are all common traffic court questions, and many do not know who to turn to.
Thanks to the EZYLAW Services, you don’t have to find yourself trapped with questions and no answers about your traffic court rights, speeding ticket fights, the demerit point system, how to fight a police officer’s evidence, how to convince a justice of the peace in the traffic court, what to do about my impaired driving charge, etc. Simply discuss with an Ontario paralegal, authorized to practice by the Law Society of Upper Canada, your Ontario traffic court issue. Ask a paralegal about your speeding ticket, moving violation, charter arguments, demerit points, and a host of other traffic court questions. Affordable Ontario paralegal are standing by to answer your traffic court in Ontario inquiries!

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